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Terri is the best medium I have ever been to, not only was the information she gave spot on, but her abilitie in drawing shocked me. As she drawed I watched and became teary eyed as I began to see my dad appear and when  I saw his eyes that did it,  I began to bawl my eyes out.

I knew he was always with me but to see him come to life on paper from someone who never met him was emotional, heartwarming and amazing.  I can highly recommend Terri as medium and spirit artist and will definitely be seeing her again..."                                                    Linda Over - VB


"How do you put into words the comfort you feel when you know your loved ones are still around you? When I received my drawings from Terri, I felt such a sense of peace in my heart, thank you is not enough ! She has a wonderful gift that will change so many lives..."       Lindy Claus- Colorado



I had a totally remarkable reading from Terri that proved my opinion of 'READINGS' totally wrong. Terri told me about my growing up years (and things which had happened to me) that nobody else would have known about!  She also pointed out to me my family members (and their specifics) that are watching over me and  proceeded to draw a wonderful picture of my grandfather when he was a younger boy.  

I have always been interested in who my spirit guide was, Terri draw my 'Spirit Guide' who gave her name as 'Fleur', I was  thrilled and excited that it was as l have always anticipated! I really need to say that Terri has given me guidance as well, which has helped me with my day to day life. I would recommend her to others for both guidance and true life readings that you will be amazed with.                AnneMarie Elizabeth -VB




 "Terri's Spirit Guided Portrait helped provide healing for my entire family when my mother was in her end stages of lung cancer. My mother shared her reading with others, which included direct messages from her spirit guide, and this information provided a lovely channel for my family and her friends to share their love and support! ''   Laura Sabados, NC

"Talented, artistic, able to see beyond the box and a big heart all add together to create a very exciting, engaging lady. It is a pleasure to be able to say I know Terri!"    Marsha G Cook, Kent-Cook Institute-The Nook. NC

"We had the pleasure last year to meet Terri at the Mum Exposition in Allentown. We were there with Tego Tea. A great lady that is a wonderful visionary and artist. Her talent can help answer many questions that guide us through everyday life. "   Linda Vergo, Tego Tea

"Terri is a wonderful facilitator. She is highly organized and understands the vast spiritual healing arts. Her artwork is inspirational and helps people make higher energetic connections!"

Brien Egan, Just Be. Virginia Beach

"Terri has an amazing ability to connect with loved ones on the other side. Her way of connecting with spirit is unique and one of a kind. Her work captures not only the physical traits but also the personalities of those you wish to connect with. Gifted in many ways- a healer, an artist and a medium - Terri is someone who is truly a pleasure to know. " Reamie Tabin, Virginia Beach

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