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The role of our guide is to gently but consistently guide us through life by giving us intuitive nudges to help us stay on track with our soul's purpose. They will offer insight and comfort when we are lost, they will guide us to resources we need, people, money, books etc... To help us reach our goals and dreams. 


Spirit Guides will only help you accomplish and achieve things that honour the purpose that YOU set for yourself before you were born.


You do not need to have psychic abilities to begin working with your guides, you only need to set an intention and they will be there. To help begin your connection,  focus on the eyes and face of your guide to make a conscious contact, talk to each other, listen to the words that enter your mind and enjoy your journey together.


As with all my portraits the eyes are the focus, they will assist you on your journey to discover and embrace your spirit guide.

These portraits are uplifting for anyone who wishes to learn more about their spiritual guide. It will enable you to develop a strong deep link with your guide. The sketch itself is not the treasure, but simply the key to the treasure: it is the doorway to enable you to develop a solid communication with your guides.


We all have been blessed with  spirit guides, our primary spirit guide is with us with from birth and stays with us until we pass. This is a person we met in a previous life who has agreed to be with us while we are on earth. Other spirit guides pop in and out of our life at different times and for difference reasons.

Spirit Guides

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