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When your loved ones transition to the Spirit World, to communicate with a medium can be hard enough, but to try and make that medium draw a 'real life photographic portrait' for you, can be equally as hard. That's why most spirit artists, including Terri all aim to draw a good likeness of your loved ones but without a guarantee of a photographic image, it will however carry the 'essence' of your love one that you will recognize them .


Terri provides a professional pencil sketch which aims to deliver a good resemblance of the face the reader will most often recognize or bring forth the essence of a loved one in spirit, or your spirit guide.  In addition Terri will also provide you with as many evidential messages that will come through from your loved one. 


Energy Vibration 

Neither, the artist or sitter however, can command which spirit loved one will step forward, it will depend on the medium, the sitter and the spirit loved ones ability to blend with each other in a loving environment that will determine how strong  the portrait resemblance will be and how much evidence will come through.  


If the sitter has an 'open-mind', 'open-heart' and free from a desire to speak to 'one particular person in spirit' will determine a positive energy for the sitting.









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