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TIME: 7pm - 9pm

Intuitive / Psychic / Mediumship Development Evenings

We each have intuitive abilities, otherwise known to us as our "sixth sense". Everyone is psychic or call it intuition, an inner voice or simply a gut feeling. The key is to tap into and listen to your intuition (your inner knowing) and trust it to make the right choices in your life.

Some people may be naturally gifted with one or various psychic powers, whereas others only listen to their intuition on occasion, then there are individuals who choose to fully develop their psychic powers in order to become professional psychics or mediums, either way, we all have to start at the beginning to learn the basics before moving in the direction that interests us.

I will help you develop your gifts and guide you through the techniques that trained me to develop and focus my own psychic abilities, intuition and mediumship, I will offer you the tools and insights that I have learnt on my own path in these fun, interesting evenings.

We will meet every other ............ evening in Virginia Beach from 7.00pm until 9.00pm.

INVESTMENT: $30 per evening.   

 Please call to register and obtain the address: 757 288 4756               Materials: Please bring your own journal and pen

Draw Your Spirit Guide

Learn to draw your Spirit Guide in this fun and creative art workshop. Everyone has at least one Spirit Guide that came into this world with them at birth. These amazing energies help to steer us, particularly in times of trouble, uncertainty and confusion. Often using an image of our guide can help give us greater clarity when tuning to these loving spirits.

Enjoy being in touch with your creative side. You will learn simple drawing techniques that anyone can learn. You will be guided through meditation to connect with the energy of your Guide to produce a wonderful drawing to take home.

No drawing experience is needed, art materials will be supplied.

Please phone to register which day.  Phone: 757 288 4756.

Please call /text to be advised

Investment: $75.00

Location: Virginia Beach,  call for address


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