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Private Readings

Private readings are one on one reading with you and Terri only. Terri is available for private readings by appointment only.  To make an appointment for a private reading please click here.


What to Expect at a Private Reading

When meeting Terri for the first time it is important that you are relaxed and are at ease. Terri  will explain what you need to know about spirit communication and how it works and will take a few minutes to talk about how she works, these few minutes of conversation at the beginning of a reading are the time for you and Terri to settle down and feel comfortable with each other. 


Terri will ask her guide to start sending in the spirits who wish to communicate; often there are several spirits who appear and Terri will ask for the help of her own guide to separate the spirits so that she can see them one at a time. 


Terri will describe the essence of  each spirit  in terms of body statue , hair color,  and general appearance. As Terri’s energy begins to blend more with that particular spirit the more information is received  and given to you, all of these details help you to identify which of your loved ones in spirit is communicating.  


Once you have  identified the spirit, based on the descriptions and information Terri has given, she will ask the spirit what specific messages he or she has for you.   Some spirits just come to say hello while others come with very specific things to communicate. During this time Terri will draw a portrait of one of your loved ones that have agreed to be drawn.


There may be moments of quiet during your reading whilst Terri is communicating with the spirits and/or sketching your loved ones, please do not feel uncomfortable during this time it is completely normal and these times can be quite reflective.



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