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''I am a developing Spirit Artist, and Evidential Medium, l see Spirit, l always have since l was a child….”

About Terri Bowden

Terri, born on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, was exposed to the wonders of the world whilst globe-trotting with her parents from a young age. An accomplished artist as a teenager she won a scholarship to a prestigious art academy in Paris that sadly was not taken up due to a change in family circumstances.


Based for many years in the Middle East, in the era still soaked with traditional Arabian heritage, but aspiring to be modern both culturally and in the business world, Terri soaked up the eclectic cosmopolitan environment which enabled her spiritual and creative abilities to nurture and develop.


Terri developed an early passion for the world around her and has always had the desire to capture that wonder in art; however, only now can she accept how closely spirits have guided her on her spiritual and artistic path. Terri had not put pen to paper for nearly forty years until recently, when Spirit guided her to put a pencil in her hand and sketch the images of those she 'SEES in Spirit. This lead to the discovery of the unique and rare talent for spirit portraits.

From early childhood Terri has constantly seen spirit people around her, held conversations with them, listened and on most occasions followed their advice. As a youngster Terri was drawn to, and attend various churches of different religions whenever she could on her travels, searching for answers and to fill the empty gap she she felt. At age fourteen, whilst on a trip to England, she stumbled upon the Spiritualist church  and found answers to many questions. It was from here she began her spiritual development.

It's taken Terri years of soul searching, studying and mediumship training from some of the best mediums in the world to find the courage and confidence to believe in herself and confirm she has the ability to communicate as a 'working medium' and 'spirit artist' between our two worlds. Using her gift to see, and hand in hand with her artistic talent, Terri can draw a portrait of your loved one or spirit guide and to help you re-unite (even for a moment in time) with a family member or friend who have 'passed over'. Each portrait is unique and and carries both a likeness and the essence of your loved one  and  hopefully will bring comfort and help you heal.


Now living on the East Coast of the United States, the ever changing beach landscapes on her doorstep and the diverse community around her create moments of affirmation in her skills and art, which now inspire Terri daily...


Terri works as a Spirit Portrait Artist, Evidential Medium, ICU Teacher for children and teaches various fun inter-active workshops. In addition, she produces bi-annually the Int'l Conscious Connections Holistic & Spiritual Art Expo in Virginia Beach. 

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