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Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Specific Family Member Or Friend Be Drawn?

We suggest you allow your spirit friends and family decide whom has the strongest energy to connect with Terri. She will try to connect with the loved one you would like to hear from but no guarantees can be given. The message you receive is generally what you need at the time.


What Is Proof Of Survival ? 

Proof of survival, is the information provided by the medium from your loved one in the spirit world and gives information not known by the medium beforehand. Evidence may seem general or insignificant to one person could be all that entire person needs as their PROOF of survival. Evidence is provided in many forms, such a names or nicknames, month of significant known to both the reader and the loved one, it could be; birthdays, passing date, their condition of passing, an anniversary, a song, personality, humour, characteristics, perfume, favourite food, flowers, car or pet. Description of their accommodation on earth; location; work; hobbies; body scar/marks; clothes; personal phases and much more.


Could I Receive A Message From Someone I Don't Know?

Sometimes spirit will want you to pass a message on to a friend, or relative, please be prepared to relay this message to others should this happen.


How Do I Prepare For A Reading ?

Come with an open mind. Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘maybe’ if what you are hearing makes sense to you. If it does not, it is ok to say ‘No’. Often you will understand more when you listen back to the recording at a later date, or a family member or friend listens to it and validates what is said. Spirit mainly communicates about themselves and their relationship to you, occasionally they will offer suggestions or advice, but generally they let you know they are ok. However, there are times when they want to thank you, apologize or ask for forgiveness. Terri does her best to communicate exactly what she is receiving and not embellish the information.


What Should I Tell The Medium?

Validations occur when l know NOTHING about you or whom you want to connect with, l only need your first name. Prior to meeting me, you can, through your mind inform your loved ones you would like to hear from them, tell them the time and place, then trust spirit to appear and create the reading or portrait you most need. Let spirit do the work of validating their presence!


Can I Record The Session?

You can record your message on your cell phone, any other device or take notes.


How Do I Prepare For A Session?

Sessions start promptly; you are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Have a box of tissues handy, please come to the event sober, you can  always drink afterwards. Receiving a message is very emotional without the heightened effect of alcohol.  Preceding my arrival, please do not publicly display photographs of your loved ones who have crossed over, turn them face down before l come to your home.  All guests are requested to turn off their cell phones during the session.


Is It Ok To Bring Kids?

It can be disturbing for young children and pets, therefore l ask they do not attend. Children aged 14 should be accompanied by a parent. Please make sure pets are restricted to another part of the house so the noise and interruptions are not a distraction for your visitors.


Will I Be Guaranteed A Reading?

I try to divide the time equally  as possible between guests, but spirit has a mind of its own! Some spirits may have more to say than others. Normally, guests will hear from the love one they are hoping to connect with, however, please be prepared if a desired spirit, or spirits do not 'come through'. No medium can control who comes to visit.



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