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Spirit Portraiture and Evidential Mediumship is a unique way to communicate with your friends and family who reside on the other side by drawing their portrait whilst having a conversation with them.


A spirit portrait  is drawn by a medium who is in touch with the artistic side of their mediumship, and are able with spirit to draw a portrait that resembles a loved one in spirit. At times it can be someone they have not yet met, or have yet to meet, and on occasion it maybe a living person.

Spirit Portraits

Should this happen, there is no need to worry, often we send thoughts out to those we know are ill or going through a difficult time, spirit picks up on these thoughts and this is their way of letting us know they are with them.


How does spirit choose who should be drawn, that depends on what is happening in your life at the moment, each portrait holds an enormous amount of spirit energy. Spirit will bring forward whom they feel will benefit us the most at that given time. We also must take into account if your mother in the living did not like having her picture taken, she may not like having her portrait done.


Generally the portrait will look similar to how they were the last time you saw them but sometimes they may look twenty years younger, at an age when you may not have known them, this is their personal choice. On  rare occasions you may not recognise a portrait that has been drawn, however your friends or family may.


All portraits may not be an exact photographic image, it will however, carry the essence of the person and other strong resemblances of your loved one, whereas the eyes are a special aspect of her portraits and will reflect back what you need.


Many clients have kindly provided photographs after their session to show accuracy of Terri's work as shown. 

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