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Special Promotions

Terri will share her gift and connect YOU with your Loved Ones or Spirit Guides who are eagerly trying to assist you in achieving your goals. If you are not connecting with them, you’re not getting their guidance.


When you book a reading with Terri, she will tune in to your Loved Ones or Spirit Guides and find out what you most need know to help you on your path and to receive wisdom and insights directly from your spirit guides.


For a limited period only* Terri is providing a portrait of your Loved One or Spirit Guide for the special reduced rate of $50.00.


Please click the Paypal button to make payment beside the portrait you would like:





Don't forget when signing up through paypal to mention your first name, nothing else, Terri will email you directly when she has completed your portrait .


Please allow a 5-7 days for your portrait. The original drawing will be mailed to you, after a  a copy is sent though by email.


*This offer runs subject to availability



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